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What is gossip?

  • It is a Stock SIP.
  • As against Over Diversification, it maintains Focus on Selected Few Companies.
  • It invests in Selected Stocks on a regular Monthly Basis.
  • Investment philosophy is to focus on the companies that are leaders in their respective filed.
  • Stock research and selection is done by MH advisory Team (A SEBI Registered Investment Advisor).

Why gossip?

  • It helps you build your dream Portfolio.
  • Build your portfolio through smaller monthly investment.
  • Being the leaders and large cap companies, it gives growth with stability.
  • It helps in superior wealth creation and works as your retirement solution.
  • Secret of Successful Investors now for you.

Market-Hub Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd.

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The Advisor does not guarantee the future performance or any specific level of performance of particular advice, the success of any investment decision or strategy that the Advisor may use, or the success of the Advisor’s overall management of the assets. The Client understands that investment decisions made for Client’s by the Advisor are subject to various markets, currency, economic, political and business risks, and that those investment decisions will not always be profitable. The Advisor will not be liable to the Client for:

Any loss that the Client may suffer by reason of any investment decision made or other action taken or omitted in good faith by the Advisor with the degree of care, skill, prudence and diligence, under the circumstances that a prudent person acting in a fiduciary capacity would use. Any loss arising from the Advisor’s adherence to the Client’s instructions. any act or failure to act by the Client. In the event of any dispute or disagreement between the parties arising out of or in relation to the interpretation, application or meaning of this Terms & Conditions. or respecting compliance with provisions, the parties will meet in good faith to attempt to resolve such dispute or disagreement.

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